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Dent Repair El Paso, Texas is the method of removing minor or major dents from an automobile due to hail, creases, dings, parking lot mishaps, micro collision and large dents. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is carried out when the paint layer is intact on steel and aluminium panels. Shallow dents can be repaired through paintless dent removal however large dents are not suitable for PDR. The most common way of PDR involves the use of metal rods to push out the dent from underneath the metal body of the car. Small spots are repaired by matching the original texture of the paint. It is a low cost environmentally friendly repair method involving less time.

Traditional Dent Repair El Paso technique requires the use of paint and auto body fillers, sanding, sealants, chemicals to match the vehicle exteriors, this process makes the car look new, but it is costly, time consuming and may impact the resale value of the car. To repaint a large surface area of the vehicle the removal of the original paint and sandblasting and other heavy machineries are required, making it a tedious process. Sanding is required on smaller dents and chemical stripping works best when larger surface areas are involved. Traditional Dent Repair El Paso requires the use of specialized gear, gloves, masks, respirators, thick clothing by the professional to be safe from rust, dust and paint debris and a well-ventilated room.

Whereas Paintless dent removal does not require body fillers is an affordable and widely preferred method of dent removal Texas by customers for frequent and minor damages. PDR can be easily and quickly carried out as it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals, binders, grinding and sanding, prevents mess caused by paints. PDR involves the use of protocols and certain specialized equipment by professional. PDR is the best option for Dent Repair El Paso as it preserves the vehicles original paint.

When our trained technicians carry out the repairs it is hard for customers to notice any previous damages giving it a pre-dent appeal for further information contact