Paint Correction

Automotive Paint Correction EI Paso is done to repair and rejuvenate the surface of the car. Due to excess heat produced by machines and engine the overall surface of the car gets damaged, leading to rust and peeling off paint. Automotive Paint Correction EI Paso  should only be carried out by trusted and experienced professionals using the right machinery and quality products. Some inexperienced people just use temporary body fillers and glazers which does not offer long term protection.

Before paint correction, it is necessary to properly clean the car of dust and rust and measure the thickness of the paint coat which helps in determining exactly how much paint is to be removed. Clay bar is used to clear any surface spots or fall-outs. Auto Paint Shop El Paso is a time-consuming process it involves the removal of a small amount of paint from the surface of the car by using polishes along with certain surface polishing machines for removing any spots and levelling the surface.There are different grades of polishes which are used for a different level of aggression may even involve wet sanding for true Automotive Paint Correction EI Paso It is important to remove contaminants prior as it can damage the polishing machine cleaning helps in a polishing machine to work and move gently over the surface of the vehicle. After correction the panels are finally wiped with isopropyl alcohol to remove any polishes and oil on the coat, once polishing is completed it offers brilliant shine and reflection rendering the car scratch-free.

The Commercial and Residential Window Tinting EI Paso involves weekly or biweekly professional maintenance services for a residential neighbourhood and office clients at competitive and affordable cost, avoiding the long rush-hour wait at the car wash, preventing any scratches and watermarks. We provide both exterior and interior cleaning and regularly maintain and fix your car, also check for oil, transmitter and radiator leaks. Our trained professionals use less water and biodegradable soaps preserving the natural beauty of paint coat, and regular checks for maintenance by our skilled staff providing you with the highest level of car safety, cleaning and shine.