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Window tinting involves the use of a thin laminate film layer made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that can be fixed on glass coverings in homes and buildings, automobiles etc. They serve a variety of important purposes which includes UV filtration, safety, security, thermal insulation, reduces heat and glare of the sun, for decoration and branding and also for automotive styling. They provide the most environment-friendly energy saving and thermal comfort. The thermoplastic polymer resin has this unique ability to reduce UV radiation, Infrared and visible light from entering through the flat glass windows, rejecting heat while allowing the penetration of natural light.

Commercial and Residential Window Tinting EI Paso are often used in shop front windows, house and office blocks. The thermoplastic polymer easily secures itself to various surfaces and provided great clarity, tensile strength and dimensional aspect. They are also the most cost-effective measure for cooling and reducing heat in buildings. Window Tinting El Paso  allows using distinct see-through visible graphics on glass surfaces to promote a brand, advertising and for decorative use. The glass remains see-through via the interior side, whereas the graphic is visible from the exterior side of the glass this feature involves the use of perforated glass film, vehicle wraps are the best example of its broad application. When window films are applied to the automobile they protect the passengers from harmful UV-rays and skin sensitivity. May also be applied on LCD’s to reduce solar glare.

The window film is available in various categories, colors, shade and thickness based on the purpose to be used for and as per the client’s requirements. Window films are categorized based on their use in the buildings, automobiles, ships, for privacy and safety purposes, window film also regulates Solar Control Window Film in EI Paso  they may be classified as ceramic or nano, dyed pigmented and metallized or substrate polycarbonate polymer glass films. There are various standards and certifications of window films, thickened window films are used for safety and security to serve in extreme conditions.

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